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Australasian Computer Science Week 2017

It's now only 2 days before Carolyn and I fly down to Geelong to spend the week at the ACSW multi-conference. In particular, we will be presenting a CAFE workshop at the Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2017) and I will be presenting a paper as well. The paper is on the latest Australia-New Zealand survey of first year university programming courses - languages and environments that are used.


I've been asked several times what tool I used to create the animations on the front page of this site, and in various other places on the site. I'm a big believer in ease of use and speed of delivery - especially as sthe academic work year just seems to be getting more jam-packed each year. I also wanted something that would look reasonably professional, not just thrown together. I could have used Adobe Flash (I have taught courses in this software) or other higher-end professional software but I wanted to see what was available out there for free/low cost that could be used by others that were not necessarily as experienced as I am.